Preparing For The Storm Season
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Preparing for the storm season

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People in Missouri are used to occasionally turbulent weather. Sometimes, they may even need to drive despite the fact that the weather is at less than optimum conditions. So how can drivers prepare to face potential stormy weather when they need to go out?

The first thing to keep in mind is that cars can actually protect a driver from lightning. AccuWeather states that you should stay in your car during lightning storms, as long as it isn’t a convertible or fiberglass. Avoid touching any piece of metal and pull to the side of the road if possible, especially if there is heavy rain and wind. Reduced visibility could easily lead to a higher chance of getting into an accident, even with the headlights on.

There are certain tips given out by the Red Cross regarding safe driving during stormy situations as well, and most of them revolve around common sense and being prepared. For example, drivers should know their route in advance. They should bring along flashlights, emergency flares, extra batteries or power supplies, and a radio. Food or blankets are also a good idea, as well as a disaster kit.

In the end, the best way of avoiding catastrophe on the road during a storm is to try waiting the storm out. However, some people do not have the luxury of being able to do that. Staying focused, being knowledgeable, and being prepared in advance can, therefore, cut down much of the danger of driving in a storm.

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