Alcohol And Reduced Driving Ability
As a drunk driver when you get behind the wheel, you risk an accident that could result in serious injuries or even claim lives. When you are injured in a drunk driving accident as a drunk driver contact a Kansas City drunk driving accident attorney Stephen C. Mayer can fight to recover the damages you need to heal and move forward.
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Alcohol and reduced driving ability

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From drowsiness to texting and other distractions, there are a number of factors that affect an individual’s ability to drive. However, in Kansas City, and across the whole state of Missouri, alcohol consumption is especially troubling and can have a significant impact on driving ability, depending on the level of intoxication. When a drunk driver gets behind the wheel, they risk an accident that could result in serious injuries or even claim lives. Unfortunately, people continue to exhibit this dangerous behavior every single day.

According to New York’s Department of Motor Vehicles, alcohol affects drivers in various ways. For example, drunk drivers are more likely to make riskier and incorrect choices, have reduced awareness, poorer vision and a false sense of confidence when they make the reckless decision to operate a motor vehicle after consuming too much alcohol. Moreover, drivers who do not appear intoxicated and even those who have only consumed one standard unit of alcohol may have difficulty driving safely.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention outlined how different levels of alcohol intoxication affect someone’s ability to drive. After consuming roughly two drinks, drivers may have a harder time multitasking and keeping their eyes on objects in motion. Three drinks may make drivers have trouble steering and less coordinated, whereas four drinks could cause them to struggle with controlling their speed. When a driver takes to the road after roughly five drinks, they could have a hard time applying their brakes and staying in the proper lane. Clearly, drunk drivers pose a significant threat to everyone on the road and people should never try to drive drunk.

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