What Determines How You Treat A Fractured Wrist?
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What determines how you treat a fractured wrist?

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Fractured wrists are a fairly common injury in car accidents. Most of the time, they occur when the airbag deploys and forces your hands away from the steering wheel. The pressure and potential shrapnel from the wheel can fracture or even break your wrists, leaving you to deal with the painful aftermath.

So just how do you deal with a fractured wrist? The American Society for Surgery of the Hand states that the way a fracture is treated depends on the circumstances of the incident. For example, the time it takes for a fracture to heal can heavily depend on a person’s physical health, or whether or not they have any other injuries. Obviously if the crash left you with other wounds, your body will be dealing with a lot more than just mending a broken wrist, and it might take longer.

Another big factor in the heal time is your personal lifestyle. Your age and how active you are, especially with the injured hand, can determine how long it will take to set and mend. Older people generally have a more difficult time healing, while active people or ones who damage their dominant hand can also see slower heal times because they tend to use their limbs more even when in rest.

Finally, the type of fracture can impact the amount of wait time you should expect. Unstable, displaced or open fractures can all take a while to heal. Splints should be used to align the bones properly, and sometimes more heavy-duty material is needed like pins, rods or screws.

The first step to healing is figuring out which factors apply to your situation. From there, you can decide what medical treatment options are most suitable for you.

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