Steps To Take Before You Begin Hazardous Work
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Steps to take before you begin hazardous work

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Many construction or repair jobs in Missouri can be accompanied by certain work hazards. Even jobs that do not involve heavy equipment can sometimes become harmful or even deadly if the circumstances are right. Because of these risks, it is important for both workers and employers to follow strict safety guidelines.

First of all, it has been stated by Reliable Plant that the most important part of beginning a hazardous job is to fully survey the area before work even begins. This can allow workers to:

  • Plan for any potential problems
  • Identify and avoid hazards
  • Become familiar with their work area

Knowing the workspace can reduce accidents just because everyone will know where everything is. Identifying hazards can include weather-related issues such as icy floors or full rain gutters, or it can include finding malfunctioning or broken equipment before it is used. By doing a thorough walk-through first, workers will be able to test out ladders and steps, see if there are any problematic walking surfaces, and get a feel for their environment before busting out the heavy machinery.

Additionally, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (or OSHA) focuses on giving employers and employees the proper training that they need to be able to identify workplace hazards before they can cause a slip and fall accident. This includes encouraging managers to keep an eye on work equipment, to maintain their tools well, and to keep their employees up to date and knowledgeable regarding the newest industry innovations and standards.

Though it’s true that not every accident can be predicted, following these preventative steps can at least drastically reduce the chances of one workplace accident, thus making the work environment safer and better for all employees.

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