Woman Struck And Killed By Drunk Friend
If a person is being accused of causing a death for DUI related reasons, they may wish to contact an attorney to help support them in court.
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Woman struck and killed by drunk friend

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There are some in Kansas City who may enjoy spending their nights out on the town. However, some people could end up drinking a little too much and getting behind the wheel of their car anyway. This can result in drunk driving accidents which can bring moderate to severe consequences along with them, depending on the extent of the damage. Some drunk driving accidents may even involve manslaughter or vehicular homicide.

This is the case with a recent accident which left a 21 year old woman dead at the scene by the time police arrived. The man who was responsible for hitting her was arrested and charged with a DUI offense. It is currently unknown whether he will be facing vehicular manslaughter or homicide charges in addition to that charge.

According to police reports, the two people were driving together at around 4 in the morning. The woman likely got out of the car after suspecting that the driver had been drinking. When he pulled over to try speaking with her after she got out, he ended up hitting her with his vehicle instead. The man himself is responsible for dialing 911 after striking the woman.

Dealing with a DUI can be difficult enough, but accidents that involve personal injury or death can be catastrophic to anyone involved on both a legal level and a personal level. If a person is being accused of causing a death for DUI related reasons, they may wish to contact a car accident attorney to help support them in court.

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