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“Time will tell” is an adage that rings true for a child after an accidental injury. Mayer & Rosenberg, P.C. represents injured children and their families with a long-view approach. That is, we may caution families against accepting a settlement offer too quickly before doctors have a clearer picture of how healing is likely to progress. Our Kansas City child injury lawyers communicate closely with medical care providers throughout the duration of a case.

When a child is injured, the prognosis for recovery and an estimation of the impact on his or her future has to take into account stages of development:

  • A playground injury such as a broken elbow may appear to heal, but if growth is stunted because of the location of the break, the child will be left disfigured.
  • After a dog attack, plastic surgeons may recommend surgery at a later stage of development to reduce facial disfigurement.
  • After a spinal injury or a brain injury, doctors may predict a very good long-term recovery if the child and parents faithfully follow prescribed physical therapy and occupational therapy regimens.
  • A child who has suffered an amputation may cope better with prostheses over the long term than an adult with a similar injury would, because of children’s natural adaptability and resilience.

Once doctors have reached an understanding about how recovery is likely to go and after parents have accepted it, and once insurers have made a reasonable or very good settlement offer, it may be appropriate for the parents to take that offer. On the other hand, if a settlement offer is unreasonable, we may recommend that parents take a strong case to trial.

Get What You Need for Therapy, Adaptive Equipment, & Special Education

Whether through a settlement or through a verdict, with ample financial resources for a disabled child, he or she may have access to the best therapies and adaptive equipment available. A rewarding life may be much more readily attainable with proper compensation.

If your child has been seriously injured anywhere in Missouri or Kansas, Mayer & Rosenberg, P.C. invites you to schedule a free initial consultation. Allow us to hear the story, analyze the facts and recommend a course of action likely to bring your child the financial resources he or she is eligible for and deserves after a traffic accident, fall injury or burn injury resulting from someone’s negligence.

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