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Low-Speed Car Accident Lawyer Kansas City

Contrary to the popular misconception, low-speed car crashes are not only collisions that result in minor damage to the bumper. No matter how ridiculous it might sound to some of you, but even low-speed car accidents can cause severe and life-altering injuries, and some even result in fatalities.

Because of the widespread misconception that only high-speed car accidents can result in serious injuries and damages, insurance companies in Kansas City and all across Missouri are no strangers to denying or minimizing personal injury claims filed by drivers injured in low-speed collisions. And that’s not because these insurance companies are ignorant or because they lack basic knowledge about the risk of injuries and fatalities in low-speed car crashes.

Our Kansas City low-speed car accident attorney from Mayer & Rosenberg, P.C., always reminds his clients that every insurance company in our country is nothing more than a business whose sole intention is making more and more money, which, unfortunately, often happens at the expense of car accident victims in need of financial compensation to receive medical care in a timely manner.

Injuries and damages in low-speed car accidents

Low-speed car accidents can happen anywhere: in a parking lot, on an urban road, and even on a highway packed with vehicles who travel at a low speed during traffic jams. In many cases, insurance companies deny personal injury claims filed by drivers injured in low-speed collisions by arguing that there was little to no physical damage to that person’s vehicle.

In these cases, victims of low-speed collisions need an experienced low-speed car accident attorney in Kansas City or elsewhere in Missouri to demonstrate evidence proving that just because there isn’t much damage to the vehicle does not necessarily mean that the driver or passenger of that vehicle was not badly injured.

The lack of correlation between damage to the vehicle and injuries

“But how is that even possible?” some of you may wonder. Well, it’s a complex mix of physics and biomechanics, and you certainly do not want us to get started on those! In a nutshell, there is no way you can evaluate the condition of the people inside a vehicle based on the damage to the vehicle in a collision.

After all, all modern vehicles are equipped with bumpers designed to withstand the force of low-speed collisions with minimal damage or no damage whatsoever. For example, when the speed is below 5mph or 10mph and a vehicle slams into a stationary object such as a traffic sign, there may not be any significant damage to the vehicle, while the people inside that vehicle may suffer serious injuries.

The same can be said about low-speed car crashes involving two vehicles traveling at below 5mph, where the combined impact speed can reach 10, 15 or more mph. In that case, the likelihood of the drivers and passengers suffering severe injuries increases by at least two times.

Medical attention after a low-speed crash

In many low-speed car crashes, victims do not notice signs of injury for hours or even days following the accident. That’s why our Kansas City low-speed car crash lawyer always advises to seek medical attention after any car crash regardless of how minor it might seem (even if you feel completely fine after the accident).

Do not forget that any traumatic event such as a car accident creates a rush of adrenaline, which can impede your symptoms for a while. Seeking medical attention immediately after a car accident will help you document your injury right away, which may become a critical factor in determining liability. Let our lawyers from Mayer & Rosenberg, P.C., help you establish fault in your low-speed accident.

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