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Olathe Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Walking is a wonderful way to improve circulation and heart health and get in that much-needed exercise. However, what should be a move that helps to ensure the integrity of your health stays intact can ironically also be something that puts you in danger. Pedestrians are especially vulnerable when they become involved in traffic accidents. If you are crossing at a crosswalk and a motorist blows through a stop sign and hits you, for example, the results can be devastating and change your life forever. Grave injuries and fatality are sadly not uncommon outcomes when pedestrians are involved in accidents. However, accident victims have the right to hold the negligent party liable in court and may qualify to receive financial compensation that they can use to pay for medical bills and living expenses during their recovery. If you would like to speak with a crosswalk accident lawyer, the legal experts at Mayer & Rosenberg, P.C. can help you file a claim and pursue recovery of damages. Call 816-941-8949 for a free case evaluation.

Gets the facts about pedestrian accidents

A fact sheet published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stated that more than 5,000 pedestrians were killed in vehicle collisions while out walking in 2015, and as many as 70,000 pedestrians are estimated to have been injured in road crashes that same year. More than 17 percent of all traffic-related deaths occur among pedestrians. Pedestrians are more vulnerable than those they share the roadways with, as there is no “armor” encasing them as they travel as is the case with people traveling by car, truck or SUV. This means that when they are involved in traffic accidents, the outcomes can be all that much more tragic compared to other people on the road. In 2014, almost 15 percent of drivers involved in pedestrian crashes were considered legally intoxicated at the time the collision occurred.

Staying safe while walking

Although not all pedestrian accidents can be avoided and all too many occur through no fault of the pedestrian’s, there are some safety protocols you can follow that may help you have a safer walking experience.

  • Stick to walking on dedicated pedestrian easements like sidewalks
  • Wear reflective, bright clothing and consider walking with a flashlight when walking after dark
  • Avoid “jay crossing” and walk in crosswalks when crossing the road

We can help if you have been injured as a pedestrian

If you were hurt while out walking and you need a pedestrian accident lawyer in Olathe, the knowledgeable attorneys at Mayer & Rosenberg, P.C. can help. We have more than 40 years of experience in personal injury litigation helping our clients turn a bad day into a brighter future. When you work with us, you will not be charged any attorney’s fees until your case is successfully resolved, either through a win in the courtroom or via an out-of-court settlement with the liable party. As an accident victim, you may be entitled to recover damages in the form of a cash award, and we will fight to get you every penny you deserve for your pain and suffering. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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