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If you or someone you care about were hurt in a dog attack, contact a dog bite attorney in Olathe at Mayer & Rosenberg, P.C. We specialize in litigating dog attack injury cases and can evaluate your case at zero cost. Call us today at 816-941-8949.
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For centuries, people have kept dogs as pets. In many cases, dogs are wonderful companions who are loyal and loving additions to their families. However, some dogs are trained by their negligent owners to be vicious on purpose, and still other dogs are simply unpredictable and may snap at a moment’s notice. In either case, the results can be horrible for the victim, causing serious injuries resulting in possible disfigurement or even death. The costs of treating dog bite wounds—especially if reconstructive surgery is necessary—can become astronomical, and if your injuries have caused you to miss work, you could be experiencing financial strain on top of the pain and suffering your injuries have forced you to endure. If this is the case, we urge you to contact an attorney to explore your legal rights as a victim of a dog attack. If you or someone you care about was hurt in a dog attack, contact a dog bite attorney at Mayer & Rosenberg, P.C. We specialize in litigating dog attack injury cases and can evaluate your case at zero cost.

Dog attack data

The Journal of the American Veterinary Medicine Association has published several studies diving into topics related to dog behavior, including collecting data on which dog breeds were most prominent in dog attacks. In a 2014 literature review, AMVA researchers discovered that German shepherd dogs were most highly represented in reported dog attacks, with mixed-breed dogs of an unspecified type coming in second. Pit bulls, chow chows, and collie breeds were reported to be among the more aggressive dogs in terms of known dog bite attacks, although a large number of toy breeds and other smaller dogs are considered to be naturally aggressive, as well—it is just that bites from these smaller breeds rarely result in severe injury or death, and as such, they may even go untreated and unreported.

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If you have been hurt in a dog attack and need a dog bite attorney in Olathe, the expert staff at Mayer & Rosenberg, P.C. are available for a free consultation. We believe in helping our clients pursue legal justice after experiencing the pain and suffering of a personal injury, and we will use our 40+ years of experience in the legal arena to help you build your case. You deserve the opportunity to attempt to recover damages after your injury, and these damages may be paid out in the form of financial compensation that you can put toward paying medical expenses, utility and rent or mortgage bills, and other daily expenses that you may not be able to keep up with if your injuries caused you to miss work. We do not charge any legal fees until your case is successfully resolved, either in the courts or via an out-of-court settlement, and there is no cost for a case evaluation. Call 816-941-8949 today and let us help you turn a bad day into a brighter future.

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