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No one ever expects to be involved in a motor vehicle collision when they get behind the wheel, but the sad fact is that, according to the Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT), more than 1 million people are killed in traffic accidents every year, meaning that catastrophic car crashes happen a lot more than anyone would like. Even the safest, most cautious and defensive drivers may find themselves involved in injurious car crashes through no fault of their own thanks to the negligence of some other motorist. Contact the attorneys at Mayer & Rosenberg, P.C. if you have been hurt in a car crash and want to talk about your case with a car accident lawyer. We can help you learn more about your rights as an accident injury victim and together, we can explore your options under the law. Call 816-941-8949 for a free consultation.

Facts and stats – local and national

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and Insurance Loss Data Institute reported that 429 people were killed in fatal road crashes in Kansas in 2016, with cars, trucks and SUVs is the vehicles involved in the majority of these crashes. Statistics compiled by ASIRT estimated that more than 2 million people in the United States are injured each year in traffic accidents, and ASIRT predicts that traffic collisions will become the leading cause of death by the year 2030, all other things remaining equal. These figures show that road safety and car crashes are a major concern for all people using the roadways, and how dangerous being a driver can be.

Safe driving tips

Although not all accidents can be prevented through any action on your part, there are some things you can do—or avoid doing—in order to ensure a safer ride when you get behind the wheel. Some of these include:

  • Never drive while fatigued or tired
  • Avoid distracted driving — keep your eyes on the road rather than the radio or your phone
  • Always wear your seat belt and make sure to wear it correctly
  • Make sure children riding with you are restrained properly in car seats or booster seats
  • Never drive drunk and avoid driving after taking medicine that affects your motor skills or alertness

We can help if you have been injured in a car accident

Contact the experienced legal professionals at Mayer & Rosenberg, P.C. if you need a car accident lawyer in Olathe and want to discuss your legal case. Our attorneys have more than 40 years of experience in the legal field, and we are committed to helping our clients turn a bad day into a brighter future by fighting for them in court. You could be entitled to receive a cash award as the victim of personal injury, and we do not charge any attorney’s fees until your case has been favorably resolved. There is no cost to you for a case evaluation, so contact us for a free consultation today.

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