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Lee’s Summit Product Liability Attorney

Product Liability Lawyer Lee’s Summit

Product liability law encompasses the area of practice that holds manufacturers and retailers accountable for providing products for sale to the public that are reasonably free of defects. However, all too often, products of all kinds—cars, furniture, even children’s toys—are released for sale to consumers when they are defective, damaged and even dangerous. While it is one thing for a manufacturer to be unaware of small, difficult-to-spot defects in their products, it is quite another when a manufacturer or retailer is fully aware of those defects and chooses to sell it to people anyway just to earn a buck. Such practices can leave consumers disappointed and may even in some cases lead to injury or death. If you want to talk to a product liability lawyer about taking legal action against a manufacturer or retailer in civil court, contact Mayer & Rosenberg, P.C. to discuss your potential court case.

Examples of product liability claims

Unfortunately there are many types of defective and downright hazardous products that make it to the market to be offered to consumers. Some examples include:

  • Flat-pack furniture sold missing crucial parts
  • Children’s toys with small parts not labeled as choke hazards
  • Skin products containing non-disclosed harmful ingredients such as lead
  • Children’s crayons containing asbestos or other harmful chemicals
  • Over-the-counter supplements containing non-disclosed toxic ingredients
  • Small appliances with faulty wiring causing a fire hazard and health hazard
  • Children’s finger paints labeled as non-toxic containing hazardous chemicals
  • Baby formula marketed as nutritious but containing plastic particles

What to do if your product is defective or dangerous

If you have purchased a product that did not perform as expected or caused harm to people or property within your home, it is important to document the defects. Make sure you have your sales receipt, and take photos of any damages done by the product—including injuries incurred by use of the product—and document the defect to the best of your ability. You can then contact an attorney who specializes in handling product liability claims and discuss your potential legal case with them.

Mayer & Rosenberg, P.C. – Lee’s Summit product liability attorneys

If you need a product liability lawyer in Lee’s Summit, call Mayer & Rosenberg, P.C. today. For more than 40 years we have been helping our clients with product liability claims in court, and we would like the opportunity to help you turn a bad day into a brighter future by getting the justice you deserve. Whether your product was defective to the point of being a disappointment or to the point of being dangerous, you have the right to sue the manufacturer or retailer who sold it to you knowing it would not function as advertised or promised. We can help you seek the recovery of damages in civil court in an effort to get you financial compensation, and we will work hard to get you every penny you are entitled to. Call today for a free consultation.

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