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If you or a loved one was mauled in a dog attack and want to know about your legal options, contact our Independence dog bite injury attorney Mayer & Rosenberg, P.C. to discuss your rights as a dog attack victim. Attorney Stephen C. Mayer wants to help you pursue justice.
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Being attacked by a dog often happens seemingly out of nowhere, coming as a shock to victims and sometimes to the dog’s owner, as well. However, the injuries that dog attacks can result in can be serious and even disfiguring, requiring expensive surgeries in order to recover from them and changing your appearance—and your life—forever. These added expenses can come as a slap in the face when your injuries have rendered you unable to work and thus, unable to pay even your normal daily living expenses, much less added medical bills and surgical expenses. However, there is hope for dog attack victims in search of justice and compensation in the civil courts. If you or a loved one were mauled in a dog attack and want to talk to a dog bite lawyer about your legal options, contact Mayer & Rosenberg, P.C. to discuss your rights as a dog attack victim.

The truth about dog attacks

While more smaller-breed dogs have been reported to be naturally aggressive, the truth is that toy breeds, although perhaps more prone to aggressive behavior and attacking, cannot do nearly as much damage as a larger breed such as a German Shepherd or a Rottweiler. Sadly, many people purchase large-breed dogs and train them to be aggressive so they can use them as guard dogs or fighting dogs, without any thought to the potentially devastating consequences their abusive practices may have. In short, a chihuahua nipping angrily at your ankle is unlikely to do nearly as much damage as an American Staffordshire terrier (commonly referred to as a “pit bull breed”) trying to tear out your throat. Regardless of which dog attacked you and how much damage that dog did, you may be entitled to justice in the courtroom. Even small dogs can cause painful puncture wounds that could be infected and leave scars, after all.

Staying safe around canines

While many dogs are friendly creatures and family pets that just want a pat or a belly rub or a biscuit from you, some dogs are hyper-aggressive and will attack without provocation. You can help stay safer if you remain vigilant around—or just outright avoid—unfamiliar dogs. If you see a stray dog, avoid approaching it and call animal authorities or post the dog’s description on a lost-and-found pets group online instead. Better safe than injured.

Mayer & Rosenberg, P.C. can help you with your legal case

If you need a dog bite lawyer in Independence, Mayer & Rosenberg, P.C. wants to help you pursue justice. You have endured enough pain and suffering. We are committed to assisting you with turning a bad day into a brighter future by seeking to recover damages in the courtroom. Damages are assessed using factors like medical bill amounts, amounts of other bills like rent or mortgage and power bills, as well as the pain and suffering you underwent as a victim. These damages may then be paid as a cash award to victims and families, which can help ease the financial burden that comes from recovering from dog bite injuries. We charge no fees until we win your case or settle it favorably, so contact us today for your free consultation.

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