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Have you ever been on a roller coaster that takes you upside down? The thrill of twists, turns, and going upside down gives the rider an adrenaline rush. You are supposed to go upside down on a rollercoaster. You aren’t supposed to go upside down in your car. Rollover accidents are dangerous, traumatizing, and can be fatal if not taking proper safety measures like wearing a seat belt. Our Independence Roll Over Accident Attorneys at Mayer & Rosenberg, PC have over 40 years of working with victims of car accidents. Victims of rollover accidents are fortunate to be alive, and we feel lucky to fight for justice for them.

Roll Over Injuries

When a vehicle rolls over, the entire car turns upside either once or multiple times. Each time a vehicle rollovers the contents within, including the passengers, experience a traumatic impact. Rollovers only account for 2% of traffic accidents, but they account for around 35% of passenger fatalities. The injuries that occurred with rollovers are similar to other car accidents; however, if the driver is not wearing a seat belt, their likelihood for surviving is very minimal. Injuries include but are not limited to

Most of these injuries take long recovery times which means more extended time away from work. Some injuries make victims permanently disabled which means they can no longer work. If this is the case, a victim needs more than just financial help in paying medical bills. Victims need financial support in living a semblance of a healthy life. Our Independence Roll Over Accident Attorneys will fight for you aggressively and efficiently. You shouldn’t have to choose between recovery or working. You should be able to take the necessary time to recover before you start to worry about your next form of income and our attorneys are determined to help you.

Causes of Roll Over Accidents

Certain cars are more prone to rollovers such as SUVs and Jeeps. However, just because your car is more prone to this does not mean that you should be liable for your car rolling over if another caused the string of events. Drivers who are under the influence, drivers who are speeding, or distracted drivers can cause accidents that result in rollovers. No one gets behind the wheel and assumes their car is going to roll over that day. Usually, it is an unexpected event, and innocent victims are forced to suffer consequences from a negligent driver.

What To Do

If you or someone you love is suffering from an injury resulting from a rollover accident, you need to seek legal assistance. Our Independence Roll Over Accident Attorneys is ready to fight for you because we know how to negotiate and win for our clients. Don’t hesitate to seek our help.  Call 816-941-8949 or click here for a free consultation with our professional attorneys at Mayer & Rosenberg, PC in Independence today.

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