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Blue Springs Stress Related Injury Attorney

Stress Related Injury Lawyer Blue Springs

Being alive in today’s hectic, busy world means dealing with stressors of various types on a daily basis. Stress is a part of all our lives, but there comes a tipping point where stress goes from being a pesky part of normal living to be injurious to our bodies and our minds. Sadly, these stress related injuries can often be avoided, but due to someone’s negligence the stress is allowed to build to the point where it becomes harmful to your health and well-being. Stress takes many forms, particularly while on the job, and it is important that employers take steps to mitigate stress before it becomes injurious to their employees. If you have experienced a stress related injury and want to know more about how to take legal action, contact a stress related injury lawyer at Mayer & Rosenberg, P.C.
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There are several types of stress related injuries

There are several distinct forms that stress related injuries can take. Pain and suffering can arise from all types of stress, but two of the most common forms of stress are physical stress and repetitive stress.

Physical stress injuries

Perhaps the most well-known form of stress is physical stress. Physical stress can be experienced in positive ways at times—for example, doing weight-bearing exercises to increase physical fitness while at the gym. However, too much physical stress and not enough mitigating measures can easily lead to serious injuries. These types of injuries often afflict workers whose jobs entail a lot of heavy lifting, but whose employers do not provide gloves, back support belts, or other safety gear to ensure employees can do their jobs without becoming injured.

Repetitive stress injuries

Repetitive stress is a form of stress that afflicts many people in their jobs as computer use grows more and more popular in various workplaces. Repetitive motion from keyboarding or mousing can cause strain to the hands and wrists. This strain can be minimized by using ergonomic equipment, such as differently shaped keyboards or foam wrist rests for the mousing hand to be supported by. However, not all employers want to spend the money on these forms of equipment—even if it means their workers become injured because of it.

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