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If you were injured on publicly available or rented premises and want to talk to a Blue Springs premises liability attorney to become better informed about your legal rights. our personal injury lawyers at Mayer & Rosenberg, P.C. can help you file a claim in civil court. Call at 816-941-8949 today for a free case assessment.
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Blue Springs Premises Liability Attorney

Premises Liability Lawyer Blue Springs

When we enter a publicly available premises or rent a premises (for example, a banquet hall for hosting a party in), we assume that the grounds will be reasonably safe to use as intended. We do not expect that a grocery store’s ceiling will collapse suddenly and cause a traumatic brain injury, nor do we expect that a restaurant will leave a freshly cleaned floor wet without at least putting up a sign to warn us of the potential hazard. However, some property owners and managers are willfully negligent in this regard, choosing to save a few pennies in every way they can, even if it means that their premises becomes dangerous to their clientele. If you were injured on a publicly available or rented premises and want to learn more about your legal options as an injury victim, contact a premises liability lawyer to become better informed about your legal rights.

Common premises liability situations

During the four decades that we have been practicing law, we have seen a variety of premises liability claims cases in our offices. Some of these include:

  • Faulty doorway threshold leading to trip-and-fall accident injury
  • Rotted stair collapsing, leading to bone fractures and brain injury
  • Wet floor with no sign warning of hazard causing slip-and-fall accident injury
  • Splintered bannister causing infected injury requiring hospitalization

If you have experienced one of these or any other premises liability-related situation and sustained an injury, we can assist you with taking legal action. Call for a free case evaluation.

Building your premises liability case

To help build your legal case, it is important to document the circumstances under which you became injured. Here are a few things you can do to shore up your legal premises liability claim:

  • Document injuries and what gave rise to those injuries. Photograph the injuries themselves and their cause (i.e., wet floor with no sign, broken stairway path, rotted floorboards, fallen ceiling).
  • Contact a local lawyer who specializes in handling premises liability claims and present your documentation to them. Your documentation can help your attorney bolster your legal case.

Mayer & Rosenberg, P.C. – Blue Springs premises liability attorneys

If  you were harmed on a premises and want to hold the party whose negligence led to your being injured liable in court, contact Mayer & Rosenberg, P.C. to speak with a premises liability lawyer in Blue Springs. We have been practicing law and handling premises liability court cases for more than 40 years, and our goal is to help people like you turn a bad day into a brighter future by pursuing legal justice. As someone who was injured due to the negligence of another party, you could be qualified to recover damages in the form of cash compensation compelled by the courts. Our attorneys work on a fee-contingency basis, meaning that we do not charge any attorney’s fees until your case has been won or settled out of court. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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