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Blue Springs Bicycle Accident Attorney

Bicycle Accident Lawyer Blue Springs

Bicycling is a form of both exercise and transportation that many people enjoy. There are a wealth of benefits to riding a bike, including saving on gas costs and getting some great cardiovascular exercise. However, cyclists are also vulnerable when they share the roads with cars, trucks and other motor vehicles. While these other vehicles have safety features like airbags to help protect those inside them in the event of a crash, the only thing that separates a bicyclist from the pavement is often their clothing and their helmet (if they wear one). If you were injured in a crash while riding your bike and want to talk to a bicycle accident lawyer in Blue Springs, the personal injury law experts at Mayer & Rosenberg, P.C. can assist you with filing a legal claim against the party whose negligence led to your pain and suffering.

Bicycle accident injury and fatality facts

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration publishes a fact sheet each year on cyclist injuries and deaths. According to their data, more than 815 people died in bicycle crashes during 2015, and at least 45,000 cyclists are estimated to have been injured in crashes that same year. Overall, bicycle accidents make up approximately 2 percent of all traffic accidents that take place on the roadways of the United States. More than 70 percent of bicycle accident fatalities occurred in metropolitan areas (as opposed to rural regions).

Staying safe when you share the road with motor vehicles

Although it is not possible to avoid accidents caused by another person’s negligence in every case, taking a few extra precautions before climbing onto your bike can go a long way toward ensuring you arrive at your destination safely:

  • Always wear a helmet to protect against brain injury
  • Make sure your bicycle’s lights and reflectors are clean before each ride so you can see others and others can see you
  • Consider wearing a reflective vest or other bright, reflective clothing so you can be more visible to others when you ride
  • Use bicycle lanes where possible and obey all traffic laws for a safer ride

Mayer & Rosenberg, P.C. can advocate for you in court

If you need a bike accident lawyer, call Mayer & Rosenberg, P.C. for a free consultation. We have extensive experience—more than 40 years—in bicycle accident injury litigation, and we want to put our knowledge to work for you. We believe in helping people turn a bad day into a brighter future by advocating for them in the civil courts. As an accident victim, you could be qualified to recover damages from the party that was liable for your injuries, and these damages may be paid out to you as a cash award. We do not charge any legal fees until your case has reached a successful resolution, and it never costs a penny to get your case evaluated by one of our knowledgeable attorneys. Call today.

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