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Blue Springs ATV Accident Attorney

ATV Accident Lawyer Blue Springs

A lot of families ride ATVs for fun, and still others use ATVs for work. ATVs are commonly used for a leisure-time thrill-ride or as a means of getting from one end of a large property—such as a farm—to the other in a short amount of time. Plenty of people enjoy ATV riding safely and never end up involved in an accident. However, sometimes even the most cautious ATV riders could become involved in a crash through no fault of their own due to someone else’s negligence. If you were hurt in an ATV crash and want to discuss your legal options with an ATV accident lawyer in Blue Springs, contact the personal injury experts at Mayer & Rosenberg, P.C. today.

Get the facts on ATV injuries and fatalities

Every year, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) publishes a report on ATV-related accidents, including data on ATV-related injuries and deaths. According to their 2017 report, more than 330 people died in ATV incidents during 2016. It was noted that reporting was ongoing, and this number was expected to rise as more data became available, as nearly 600 people lost their lives in ATV crashes during 2014. The CPSC also noted that of all ATV-related fatalities between 1982 and 2016, 44 percent of those deaths were children under the age of 12. More than 100,000 ATV-related emergency room visits took place in 2016.

Riding safely

Whether you use your ATV for work or for play, following a few safety tips can help you stay safer when you ride:

  • Wear helmets and other safety gear every time you climb on your ATV
  • Make sure minors riding ATVs have a full understanding of how to safely operate the vehicle before allowing them to ride
  • Ride defensively – be aware and on the lookout for any obstacles or hidden dangers (ditches obscured by high grasses, etc.)
  • Consider taking a course in safe ATV use if you are not an experienced rider (or even if you are)

We can help if you were in an ATV accident

Getting hurt in an ATV crash can be a devastating experience that changes your life forever. If you need an ATV accident lawyer, Mayer & Rosenberg, P.C. can help you file a legal claim in court. We are committed to helping our clients turn a bad day into a brighter future by seeking justice through the courts, and we will use our more than 40 years of experience in personal injury litigation to be your courtroom advocate if you have been injured. We work on a fee-contingency basis, meaning that we charge no attorney’s fees until your case has been successfully settled or won in court. We want to help you recover damages, and those damages may be paid out to you in the form of a cash award—and we will fight to get you every cent you are entitled to. Call today for your free consultation.

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