What if you're injured in a remote location?

It's common knowledge that operating a motorized vehicle of any sort will always come with certain risks and dangers, especially in regard to potential accidents. However, motorcyclists, dirt bikers and ATV operators in Missouri all share one unique risk when they ride their vehicles away from major roads. We at Mayer and Rosenberg, P.C., wish to help you prepare to handle this possibility.

First, what is this unique risk? It's the isolation that comes with "off-roading". Off-roading is an activity that many ATV owners and dirt bikers do and, as the name implies, it involves traversing along dirt roads and mounds that aren't paved. Usually, these areas are a fair distance away from normal roads. The terrain can be unforgiving for normal vehicles as well, with large potholes, sinkholes, rocks and mud scattered about.

So why is this isolation a bad thing, then? To put it simply, even a police car may not be able to handle off-road terrain quickly. In addition, it'll take medical teams longer to reach your location if you are off-roading, especially if you are at an unmarked or unpopular location. If you have a life-threatening injury, every second counts when it comes to rescue and treatment. Being off of the main roads can add minutes onto your rescue time that can seriously jeopardize your health and recovery chances.

If you would like to read more about off-road injuries and what to do in similar situations, please click the link. It will take you to our web page on accidents centered around ATVs, dirt bikes and motorcycles.


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