Risks of reconstructive surgery

Missouri residents who have been in very severe car accidents may find themselves facing the possibility of needing facial reconstructive surgery, or other types of reconstructive surgery, in order to combat injuries left behind by the crash. These potential patients should be fully aware of the most common risks that they face by electing to undergo these procedures.

Healthline has a list of the top ten most common surgical complications when it comes to reconstructive or cosmetic surgery. Infection is a concern and is a possibility in any operation due to the nature of opening the skin and exposing it for the duration of the healing period. Issues with the blood may also occur, such as unexpectedly high blood loss, internal bleeding during or after the operation, or clotting that can lead to other more serious issues like pulmonary embolism or deep vein thrombosis.

The Encyclopedia of Surgery adds that scar tissue may form at the site of an operation, leading to unwanted further marring of the appearance. Unexpected complications or nerve damage may also occur, leading to a change in the patient's perception of touch to the affected area.

In essence, a patient going in for reconstructive surgery after an accident should be aware of the fact that they may create additional problems in trying to fix the ones they have. In some cases, it is necessary for reconstructive surgery to be performed, especially if large patches of skin have been lost, so awareness of the risks is of utmost importance.


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