Can drunken boating accidents be deadly?

When Missouri boat owners like you hit the waters, it's likely with the hopes of having a relaxing day. Unfortunately, some boaters can drive while under the influence, causing accidents that we at Mayer & Rosenberg, P.C., P.C., will highlight the dangers of.

The first thing to note is that accidents on the water are no less dangerous than accidents on land, and in some cases can be even more deadly due to the fact that you are both surrounded by water. This presents an additional drowning risk not usually present in land-based car accidents.

You should also be aware of the fact that boats are big, heavy machines, which makes them every bit as potentially damaging to a human body as any car or truck. Even small boats weigh a huge amount, and propellers can be dangerous, potentially knocking victims unconscious if they fall into the water. An actual crash can send people toppling overboard, or the debris can harm you or your passengers.

Speed also factors into the equation. Drunk boat operators are usually speeding when they get a boating while under the influence, or BUI, charge. If someone crashes into your vessel at a high speed, the impact itself has the potential of injuring you, and might even make your boat sink or cause you to run aground.

To read more about the dangers of drinking while boating, you can click the link and go to our web page. In the meantime, keeping an eye out for erratic behavior and maintaining distance from other boaters is one of your best defenses against being tangled up in someone else's mess.


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