Can You Restore Movement After Paralysis?
This is promising if you have lost movement in an accident, contact Kansas City motorcycle accident attorney Stephen C. Mayer. When you getting into a crash with another vehicle and leave with some nasty injuries, Stephen C. Mayer fights for you and helps you in your legal case.
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Can you restore movement after paralysis?

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Motorcyclists in Kansas understand that getting into a crash with another vehicle can leave them with some nasty injuries. Being less protected can lead to more fractures and breaks, skid injuries, brain and organ damage, and nerve damage. You may even end up dealing with paralysis due to the excessive damages your body takes. But is it something you can recover from?

United Press International recently reported that movement can, in fact, be restored to the muscles in some cases through repetitive muscular stimulation. Long-term stimulation has reportedly had good results, and it has even been reported that limited movement had been returned to the hands and feet of two paralyzed patients after six months of combination therapy. The results reportedly lasted a month after therapy stopped.

This is promising if you have lost movement in an accident. However, it should be noted that the studies are currently still very small scale. Unfortunately, there aren’t any immediate fixes for paralysis and no miracle drug or cure that can be taken in order to improve mobility where it has been lost due to nerve damage. A combination therapy that takes place over a long period of time has proven itself promising, but it is still a long road to potential recovery.

On the positive side, knowing what options are available at all may be the news you need to continue fighting. Improvements are constantly being made in the surgical and therapeutic health care systems. Improvement of movement restoration in paralyzed patients will hopefully continue as well.

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