Lowering your chances of slipping on ice

Missouri roads and sidewalks can get icy in the winter, which can lead to an increase in slip and fall accidents. However, there are certain steps shoppers can take to minimize their chances of falling on slick pavement.

The National Safety Council has a list of unsafe conditions to watch for. This includes snowy or icy patches of sidewalk, as well as untended parking lots. Many slip and fall accidents occur between a person’s car and the building that they are heading toward. These accidents can be lowered by frequently salting the ground in areas commonly used for walking. People should attempt to avoid places where there is no visible salt or sand, as black ice might still be covering the ground. Likewise, if there are any handrails in the area, it would be in one’s best interest to take advantage of those in order to stabilize their balance.

As stated by 360 Chiropractic, preventative measures should start from the moment you leave your car or home. People should survey their surroundings to look out for slick patches on the road, or icicles hanging overhead. One preventative method of dealing with ice is to bring a walking stick for sturdier balance. Another is to wear sensible shoes that have a sturdy grip on the bottom.

Finally, it is suggested that people walking on ice bend their legs slightly and walk slowly in order to maximize their center of gravity. These steps combined can help keep a person anchored when walking on icy terrain.


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