An analysis of motorcycle accidents and injuries

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, you have a higher chance of suffering from more severe injuries than if you were in a car. This is because you do not have a full metal enclosure to protect your body from taking direct impact hits.

A direct impact hit means that any injury you face will be more severe than it would have been if you were buffered by the interior of a car. For example, bruises or sprains are more common in vehicular accidents, but broken bones are very common in motorcycle accidents. This is because there is nothing to prevent your body from absorbing the full force of the accident. You can also experience blunt trauma by being thrown from your motorcycle more easily than a driver is ejected from a car.

Some injuries are also more common with motorcyclists than with the operators of other vehicles. You are much more likely to experience severe road rash, for example. This is because you will possibly skid across the road if you are knocked from the motorcycle. You may even be dragged down the road for a distance if you get caught on any vehicle. Depending on the degree of severity, scrapes and burns resulting from road burns require extensive treatment, or even surgery.

Finally, it is possible for a second collision to occur if you are knocked into other lanes and other vehicles are unable to stop in time. Broken bones, head or spine injuries, or other impact injuries can either occur or be worsened because of this.

If you would like to read more about motorcycle accidents and the injuries specific to them, you can follow the link to our web page.


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