Immediate treatment for possible spinal injury

Motorcyclists in Missouri may face a number of injuries after getting into accidents. Spinal cord injuries can be some of the most severe, especially because they can have both short and long term consequences that can severely impact a person’s life.

Because of the severity of spinal cord injuries, the Mayo Clinic states that it is important for people suffering from them to treat the injury as quickly as possible. This can help eliminate potential long-term damage such as paralysis, loss of sensation, loss of mobility or other types of nerve damage. When at the scene of an accident, it is important not to touch or move anyone who seems as though they might have a back or neck injury for this reason. Movement can cause excessive damage such as pinched nerves, torn muscles or ligaments, or ruptured discs. First aid should be applied carefully while moving the victim as minimally as possible.

The National Institutes of Health also concur that immobilization is key when it comes to treating potential spinal injury. Someone suffering from spine or neck damage should be placed on a carrying board when leaving the scene of an accident. The neck and back should both also be immobilized during all transportation, as well as in the emergency room. Immediate surgery may be necessary in some cases in order to realign the spine. Steroid medication may also be administered to minimize nerve damage and swelling.

By following these steps, medical personnel or bystanders may be able to prevent further damage from being inflicted after someone has gotten into an accident.


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