How does Missouri define loss of companionship?

When one of your loved ones dies suddenly in Kansas City, it may be difficult at first for you to comprehend the level of loss that you may suffer. When thinking in terms of a wrongful death lawsuit, many may believe that losses are compartmentalized into only those areas of life where your deceased family member provided you with financial support. However, the law recognizes that the emotional loss that you are left to deal with is often much greater than the financial one. While no amount of money may adequately replace the deceased’s role in your life, you may be afforded to chance to at least be compensated to help fill that void.

Such compensation is due to the legal principle of loss of companionship. Basically, this provides a means to recover damages for having been deprived of the benefits of your relationship with your deceased loved one. The state lists the benefits that could qualify you for loss of companionship compensation in its Revised Statutes. These include:

  • Consortium
  • Comfort
  • Counsel
  • Guidance
  • Instruction
  • Training

Compensation for loss of companionship can be awarded to either a spouse, children, or the parents of adult or minor children who have died.

While many may have a preconceived idea of the emotional support and benefits that your loved one may have provided to you, the burden may still lie upon you to show exactly how much the loss of your loved one’s companionship will affect your life. For example, the loss of an aged parent with whom you were close could likely leave a significant void in your life, but different and perhaps less-extensive then the one left if your spouse were to die.


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