What damages can electrocution cause?

If you are electrocuted on the job, you may end up with moderate to severe injuries. We here at Mayer & Rosenberg, P.C. understand that this experience is often traumatizing and disorienting, and would like to help you identify potential damage.

The severity of injuries resulting from electrocution depends on the voltage of the shock, the area that the live wire touched, and other factors such as weather or surrounding material. The duration of contact also affects the amount of damage you might face. However, a high enough voltage can cause great injury even if you only touch the source briefly.

Some of the injuries resulting from electrocution include the destruction of tissue, heart attacks, and brain damage. Skin may also be burned and scarred at the direct point of contact. Muscle contractions occur, which might cause you to hold on to the electrical source for longer, causing more damage. Contractions can also lead to falls, which causes blunt trauma or broken bones. In some cases, a volt may be high enough to burn your clothes and flesh. You may also experience mental symptoms that closely parallel concussion or head injury symptoms, such as confusion, aggression, or unconsciousness.

Most bodily injury is caused by the impact if you fall or are thrown after being shocked. However, tissue and muscular damage can be directly impacted by a shock. Vessels could suffer damage as well, which is problematic due to the fact that this can lead to necrosis.

On a whole, the damages of both low and high voltage shocks are severe. If you would like to read further about what to expect if you have been electrocuted at work, please visit our web page.


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