What you need to know about dangers on the farm

Farmers in Missouri face a plethora of hazards on the job every day. From heavy machinery to rogue animals to diseases and much more, there is plenty to be on the lookout for when a person decides to start looking into the farming industries.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, states that exposure is a huge risk in farming. This can include all manners of exposure. For example, farmers can deal with excessive amounts of pollution and occasional noxious fumes, as well as pesticides and chemicals in large and concentrated doses. They also have to deal with weather exposure, as many must work outside even in poor conditions such as extreme heat in the summer or extreme cold when doing work in the winter. Environmental exposure can also pose hazards. Dealing with rivers and ponds, hills and pits, wells, and even traffic from surrounding roads or highways can all lead to injury if a farmer is not careful enough.

Meanwhile, the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, or NIFA, states that improving farm safety is important due to the high risk that farmers take every day. Equipment that isn’t properly maintained can cause injuries or even death to the unsuspecting. Likewise, people working without up-to-date safety information or protocol can make decisions that might lead to them making mistakes that would otherwise be avoidable.

Farming is not the picturesque job that some believe it to be. Between the air quality and the dangers of the machines farmers work with, the chances for an accident are high. Farmers who know where those issues lie are thus better prepared to avoid or combat them, improving their own safety.


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