Reviewing Statistics On Motorcycle Accident Injuries
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Reviewing statistics on motorcycle accident injuries

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Whether someone rides a motorcycle for fun or it is their only means of transportation, they face numerous risks when they take to the road. On top of inclement weather and other problems, they may be hit by a drunk or reckless driver. Although drivers have a responsibility to keep an eye out for motorcyclists, some are careless and collide with motorcyclists because they weren’t paying attention, which may result in the loss of life. Even a motorcyclist who is able to survive an accident may suffer an injury that alters his or her life and this takes place far too often in Kansas City, and throughout Missouri.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were more than eight million registered motorcycles in 2012, reflecting a steady increase in the number of motorcycles people registered since 2003. Unfortunately, 93,000 motorcyclists suffered an injury in 2012. Sadly, this figure shows a significant increase in comparison to the number of motorcyclist injuries reported in the previous year (81,000).

Although there are steps people can take to avoid an accident, such as staying off the roads when they are icy, these wrecks are not always avoidable. However, motorcyclists may be able to lessen the severity of a head injury or facial injury by wearing a helmet. Data that was collected from 2003 to 2005 shows that those who wore a helmet were less likely to suffer a head or facial injury. Regrettably, injuries can occur regardless of how safely someone operates their motorcycle and it is crucial for them to take action if their life is turned upside down by a negligent driver.

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