Do Ladders Pose A Serious Threat?
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Do ladders pose a serious threat?

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Missouri workers like you are going up and down ladders all day. You have likely heard cautionary tales about ladder usage, but exactly how much of a threat do ladders pose to you?

It might seem like an exaggeration simply due to the fact that most workers go through their daily tasks without running into any issues with ladders. However, the more you use them, the higher your risk for potential accidents may be. This is especially true if you work in a place with many ladders, with particularly tall ones, with slender ones, or with ladders that are not sturdy. Accidents can also happen, of course. The ladder itself may have structural issues or could slip against the surface it’s placed on, sending you crashing down. One icy step could do the same thing.

As for the injuries that you can get from falling off of a ladder? They can be pretty serious. You could suffer from severe spinal or brain damage depending on your safety equipment. Broken bones are common, as well as bruising, lacerations, and sometimes internal bleeding. Depending on what lies below, you may end up with impalement or crush injuries. Landing on your face can damage your nose, eyes, and teeth. The higher the distance, the worse the damage, but even small falls can have big impacts.

In short, ladders do indeed pose a fair danger, and a fall from a ladder can land you with serious and even life-altering injuries. If you would like to continue reading about these accidents, you can visit our Law Firm Mayer & Rosenberg, P.C.

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