What Are Some Deadly Motorcycle Safety Myths?
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What are some deadly motorcycle safety myths?

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Missouri motorcyclists have likely heard their fair share of tips and tricks from veteran riders that are supposed to help them out. For example, you’re supposed to lay your bike down when you’re about to crash. But what if these tips are actually myths that do more harm than good?

Cruiser brings many of these myths to light, showing that a lot of what is taken to be common knowledge among bikers is actually false information that can contribute to motorcycle accidents instead. For example, a lot of riders falsely believe that helmets can actually do more harm than good by blocking a biker’s ability to hear or limiting their vision. Some even think that wearing a helmet can increase your chances of suffering from post-accident brain damage. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Helmets are scientifically proven to help bikers survive.

There are also many untrue assumptions about how other drivers on the road react to or view motorcyclists. Some in the biking community believe that they are considered nuisances by other drivers at best, and some even think that drivers intentionally target bikers. Again, this has no factual basis. Many drivers simply can’t see bikers well and don’t think to check their blind spots. Help them out by wearing bright clothes, reflective strips, lights, or other attention-catching items. Remember that you’re working against a lot of elements here.

It boils down to being able to filter the information you receive. Even if a veteran motorcyclist tells you something, it might not necessarily be true. Keep that in mind as you hit the roads.

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