What Should You Do If Your Foot Gets Run Over?
Feet are a very resilient part of the body. When your feet injured during a car accident and facing foot and ankle trauma, contact a Kansas City broken bones injury attorney Stephen C. Mayer can help you take action and ensure that you are able to get everything you deserve.
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What should you do if your foot gets run over?

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It sounds like a rare occurrence, but there are plenty of opportunities for an accident like this. You may be at a crowded Missouri club, getting ready to go home for the night. You might be in the parking lot of a big venue such as a concert or premier where everyone is trying to leave at the same time. When you mix people, cars, and poor visibility, your feet might pay the price.

Podiatry Plus states that foot and ankle trauma is to be expected if your foot is run over by a car. The extent can differ depending on which tire runs your foot over and what sort of shoe you are wearing at the time of the accident. For example, rear tires and sandaled feet usually equal more injuries. Bruising and swelling are common in the best case scenarios, though broken bones may also occur.

They suggest that you should ice your injury and use a medical wrap if possible. Taking painkillers can help in the short term, but what you should really be doing is seeking medical aid as quickly as possible. Even if you think that your foot is fine, swelling that lasts too long can have a negative impact on you in the future. For example, you may have circulatory problems in several decades if you leave a severely swollen foot untreated. You should also disinfect any scrapes that occur and make sure to keep your foot clean through the healing process.

Feet are a very resilient part of the body. However, they require the same care and attention as any other place. Injuries to this area are just as serious as they are anywhere else and should be treated accordingly.

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