How Do You Properly Enter And Exit A Forklift?
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How do you properly enter and exit a forklift?

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Missouri construction workers must keep their wits about them at all times. They work in dangerous and fast-paced environments and the wrong training or faulty equipment can lead to severe accidents in no time. You should take extra care when operating forklifts, which are known to cause many injuries.

The United States Department of Labor states that the best way to get into or out of a forklift is through careful movement and being slow. Specifically, the rule of three points. What does this mean? Simply put, while you mount or dismount your vehicle, you should have three points of your body in contact with the vehicle at all times. This creates a solid base of balance which will prevent slips.

Other pointers include keeping the weather in mind. Is it icy? Is there water on the vehicle? Know that even slip-resistant shoes can slide against these surfaces and pause long enough to ensure your grip is steady when you lift yourself up or lower yourself. You should also avoid wearing anything that could get caught in machinery. Finally, don’t rush things. Don’t jump when you’re exiting a vehicle. Wait for it to come to a complete stop after braking. Don’t break the three points of contact until your feet are firmly on the ground.

Also, mind your head. It’s easy to forget about the low roof of the vehicle when you pull yourself up, and many people end up colliding with the metal because they are not careful.

While some accidents cannot be prevented, especially if they are due to failure on the manufacturing or management part, you can still help yourself out. Follow proper safety protocol and eliminate a lot of forklift accident chances.

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