What Are The Categories Of Occupational Diseases?
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What are the categories of occupational diseases?

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Certain working conditions in Missouri may exacerbate your chances of developing or catching different types of diseases. These illnesses, when caused by your work environment, are called occupational diseases and can greatly diminish your quality of life if left unidentified or untreated.

But just how many types of occupational diseases are there? According to the International Labour Organization, there are quite a few, and each ailment falls under a certain category. These primary categories are as follows:

  • Chemical agent-related issues or illnesses
  • Infectious diseases or biological agents
  • Parasitic disease
  • Physical agent-related issues
  • Diseases related to the skin, musculoskeletal system, or organs
  • Cancer

These issues can spawn from various sources such as unsafe working material like asbestos, or unsafe working conditions. If you work in an area where dangerous chemicals are not regulated properly, your chances of suffering from an ailment rise. Likewise, if there are health issues in the workplace that no one is aware of, it can lead to damage that might stay undetected or unidentified for a long time.

Certain mental or behavioral problems that result from workplace damage can also be considered an occupational disease. For example, if you work in a stressful environment and develop post-traumatic stress disorder from it, you would have a case for a job-inflicted illness.

Suffering from issues that you only have to deal with because of your work can place heavy mental, emotional and financial burdens on you. Identifying the potential source of these problems can be a step in the right direction.

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