Deadly Missouri Crash Highlights Dangers Of Motorcycles
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Deadly Missouri crash highlights dangers of motorcycles

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Missouri motorcyclists know that they put their life on the line when they go riding. This is because they do not have much surrounding protection in the form of a vehicular body like trucks, cars or vans do. This leaves the motorcyclists to absorb most of the damage themselves, resulting in more severe injuries.

The rate of motorcycle fatalities outnumbers the rate of fatalities for other vehicles in accidents, according to the Insurance Information Institute. In fact, motorcyclist fatalities rank over 26 times higher than passenger fatalities in other vehicles. Motorcyclists are also five times more likely to be injured than other drivers. This can be seen daily in accidents that occur all across the country.

As an example, there was a recent crash that involved an SUV and two riders on a motorcycle. Though the SUV driver was able to leave the accident with only minor injuries, the two on the motorcycle suffered much more severe damage. It was reported that the man suffered serious injuries while the woman died in the hospital from hers. The cause of the accident is currently unknown, and is under investigation. There was no information on the circumstances of the accident, so it is unclear whether the vehicles were in the same lane, travelling in opposing directions, crossing through the intersection, or whether one might have been making a turn.

Motorcyclists need to protect themselves while on the road, which means being prepared for the possibility of one day getting into a potentially harmful accident. Anyone who has already been involved in such a crash may benefit from the aid of an attorney.

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