Biker Swerves To Avoid One Car, Ends Up Dead
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Biker swerves to avoid one car, ends up dead

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Missouri bikers are unfortunately at a higher risk than other drivers on the road due to the size of their motorbikes. For that reason, the unpredictable accidents that may occur between these riders and other vehicles can be swift and deadly.

One recent tragic case highlights the damage that can occur in a motorcycle accident. A woman ended up losing her soon-to-be husband in a crash just hours before their ceremony was scheduled. She only wished to support the customary act of staying separate the night before the wedding. The man reportedly slid into a parked car after needing to swerve to avoid hitting another vehicle that pulled in front of him. He was transported to the hospital, where he died.

Currently, it is unknown if the other vehicle made any illegal moves on the road while pulling out in front of the motorcycle, as the accident is still under investigation. The crash occurred the morning of the wedding. The man had reportedly been spending time in celebration with his friends and family the night before.

Motorcycles are small and capable of reaching very high speeds, but they also lack a lot of the protection that other, larger vehicles have. This includes life-saving devices such as air bags and seatbelts, or the potentially protective metal carriage that makes up the body of most cars, vans and trucks. Anyone who has lost a loved one to a motorcycle accident before or been in one themselves could benefit from seeking the aid of an attorney.

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