How Risky Is A Tire Blowout?
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How risky is a tire blowout?

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You may hit the road with a spare tire in your trunk, but no one can ever truly be prepared for a sudden tire blowout. The element of surprise is part of what makes it so dangerous, but just how risky can these startling pops be?

Car Talk states that tire blowouts can be a huge risk to both you and the drivers around you. The shock you experience when your tire suddenly bursts can be enough of a distraction for you to accidentally hit another car. Even if you concentrate enough to maintain control of your vehicle, your steering may give way, or shrapnel from your tires could go flying out into other vehicles. If you aren’t able to get to the side of the road, the amount of danger you could be in increases.

Additionally, your car may also suffer from damage. For example, the shearing bolts or steering linkage are often harmed in a blowout. If the concussive force of the pop is large enough, your break lines might even be cut into, lowering or even completely stopping your ability to properly brake. On a less immediately problematic note, it is also common for cars to be thrown out of alignment when a tire bursts, which can be a costly and irritating fix.

On a whole, these are the reasons that tire blowouts are considered to be risky. Between the force of the burst, the surprise factor, and the fact that you need quick reaction times in order to minimize damage, they can up the chances of injury to you or the people around you.

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