Death Of Worker Brings Missouri Company Under Fire
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Death of worker brings Missouri company under fire

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Workers in Missouri have the right to attend their jobs without feeling fearful of their personal health and safety. It’s for that reason that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, otherwise known as OSHA, exists. They aim to make sure that businesses are running smoothly, and that accountability is taken for any accidents that occur.

Currently, OSHA is taking over an investigation in Fulton which resulted in the death of an unidentified employee. It was reported that the employee was caught between a forklift and truck and was pronounced dead at the hospital after being removed. The company that the victim worked for, Kingdom Projects, employs around 100 adults with disabilities and it has been speculated that the victim may have been among that number. The company has a history of citations levied against it for lack of proper evaluation of closed spaces, as well as for using out-of-date equipment.

Though authorities have ruled the death to be accidental, the case is now in OSHA’s hands for a more thorough review. Items such as the forklift training documents will be scrutinized, along with any relevant documents or records. Evidence will also be gathered, and other employees may be reviewed in order to make sure that regulations and guidelines were being strictly followed.

In fast-paced and sometimes dangerous work environments, it is important to have one group fighting for the rights and safety of workers. Investigations like this can allow employees to continue with their jobs with an additional and much needed sense of security. However, when people are injured at work, they may find it beneficial to meet with Stephen C. Mayer.

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