Preventing Icy Working Conditions From Causing Injuries
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Preventing icy working conditions from causing injuries

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In the winters, Missouri can get its share of bad weather. This means that workers may have to deal with icy working environments. While icy working conditions can cause many issues and injuries, these things can be prevented if proper care is taken.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration lists the ways that employers and employees can be safe during icy weather conditions. A good portion of preventative measures boil down to taking care of the property. This can include putting salt or sand on icy areas of the ground, or shoveling snow away from frequently used walking paths. Equipment used to clear these areas should be well maintained, such as snow blowers, which can cause injury if they are not handled properly or taken care of.

They also suggest that employers talk to their employees about proper attire for icy weather. This includes wearing shoes with a sturdy sole, and keeping the eyes free from large items that may obscure their vision, such as hats or scarves.

The University of Illinois also offers tips to walking safely in the ice. This includes traveling in the grass wherever possible and taking measures to achieve better balance. This can include bending while walking, taking short steps, or extending both arms out to the side. The article also suggests walking as slowly as possible, and keeping hands out of your pockets since they cannot be used to break a potential fall if they are tucked away.

In following these steps, a workplace can cut down on the potential ice-related injuries that it might face.

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