Methods to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome, otherwise known as CTS, is a common injury that workers in Missouri may face if their job requires continuous wrist or hand movement. While repetitive work cannot always be avoided, there are still steps that can be taken to decrease the risk of CTS.

The New York Times reports that CTS can occur for many reasons and because of that, it may be difficult to come up with blanket prevention methods. However, there are some preventative techniques that work better to combat most types of CTS-inducing activities. Three of the key prevention methods include stretching, rest and exercise. Stretching before, during and after tasks is a good way to keep CTS at bay, and there are many different resources that offer specific stretching regiments depending on what job people will be tackling.

Repetitive motion can also be sprinkled with “micro-breaks” throughout the day. Micro-breaks last three minutes each. During these breaks, it is suggested that people partake in different activities such as:

  • Stretching or shaking the limbs
  • Deep breathing
  • Squeezing the shoulder blades
  • Leaning back in the chair

The combination of rest from the repetitive task and stretching the muscles can keep them from tearing or being strained and injured. Improved posture during the task itself can also help.

The Mayo Clinic states that there are some external factors that can be taken into consideration as well. For example, people should exert as little force as possible to complete a task. Additionally, it is important to keep hands warm while working. Fingerless gloves that cover the wrists can be a big help in preventing CTS.


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