What benefits does Missouri workers' compensation offer?

The effects of workplace accidents can be devastating for workers in Kansas City, and throughout the state of Missouri. Often, such accidents result in serious injuries. As a result, workers may require medical treatment and care, as well as time away from work for recovery. In these situations, people commonly rely on their employer’s workers’ compensation coverage. Under Missouri’s workers’ compensation law, workers’ compensation policies may provide a range of different benefits to injured workers.

For most people who suffer work-related injuries, obtaining medical treatment is among their first concerns. According to the Missouri Department of Labor, employers are generally required to cover the medical expenses associated with the treatment and care needed to resolve the effects of a workplace injury. In addition to the costs resulting from medical examinations, evaluations, surgeries and other procedures, this may also include coverage of prescriptions and any necessary medical devices. Travel costs may also be covered in cases when injured employees must travel over 250 miles each way to receive treatment.

Sometimes following work-related injuries, people may be unable to return to work while they recover. When physicians advise injured workers that they cannot work, they may be eligible to receive temporary total disability benefits. A percentage of their average weekly pay, these benefits are meant to compensate those injured on-the-job for their lost wages. Workers may receive temporary partial disability if they return to work on modified or light duty and are not receiving full pay.

In some cases, a work-related injury may impact a worker’s ability to do certain jobs moving forward. Those who are no longer able to perform any job may be entitled to permanent total disability. People may be awarded permanent partial disability if their injuries have impacted their ability to perform some tasks, but they can still work in some capacity.

This post has provided a general overview of the benefits that injured workers may be afforded through workers’ compensation. It is important to remember, however, the circumstances of each injury and case is unique. Therefore, this should be considered only as general information and not taken as professional legal advice.


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