How can Missouri drivers prepare for car accidents?

Motor vehicle accidents are common in Kansas City, and throughout Missouri. According to a report by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, there were more than 142,000 car accidents in 2011 alone. That was the most recent year for which statistics were available. Despite how common collisions are, most drivers do not plan to be involved in one. As a result, many people are unprepared when accidents do occur. By taking certain precautionary steps, people can help ensure they are protected if they get into an accident.

One of the most important steps for drivers following a collision is to get the other driver’s information. However, people are often shaken after car accidents, which can lead to them forgetting to obtain the pertinent information. Therefore, it can be helpful for people to keep a cheat sheet in their vehicle that lists the information, such as the name of the other drivers involved, their telephone numbers, license plate numbers and insurance carriers.

In addition to having a sheet with the information they should obtain following an accident, it can also be helpful for people to keep a pen and a pad of paper in their vehicle. This can be used to exchange information with the other involved motorists, take down the details for any witnesses to the collision and draw a sketch of the accident scene. Additionally, people may also find it of benefit to write down their account of a crash right away to help ensure the details stay fresh.

Keeping a cellular phone or camera handy can also be an important precaution. This will allow people to document the scene following an accident, as well as the license plates and drivers of the other vehicles involved. Should another driver later deny having been involved, having photographs can serve as proof positive that the vehicle and driver were in the collision. Photographs may also help to prove liability should questions be raised regarding who was at fault for the collision.

While this post has provided an overview of how drivers can be prepared for motor vehicle accidents, these steps do not guarantee that they will receive compensation for damages if a collision occurs. As such, this should be considered as general information and not as professional legal advice.


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