Harmful side-effects of a sedentary job

With people worldwide becoming more aware of their health than ever, Missouri employees are also taking note and realizing that office jobs may not be ideal. Sitting all day can have some harmful side effects, and studies are revealing just how bad those problems can be.

The Mayo Clinic states that there are numerous risks associated with prolonged sitting. These risks can include:

  • Increased obesity or metabolic syndrome
  • Raised cholesterol levels
  • Higher blood pressure and blood sugar levels
  • Excessive fat buildup around the waist

Additionally, studies have also shown that too much sitting can even increase the risk of both cancer and cardiovascular disease. In fact, one study showed a 125 percent risk increase with heart disease in particular, such as heart attacks or angina. It also showed a 50 percent increased chance of death for any reason, as compared to people who spent less than 2 hours in front of a television a day. However, any type of extensive sitting can cause these issues, including deskwork.

The Washington Post points out that organ damage can also occur. For example, idle muscles don’t respond quite as quickly to insulin, which can cause the pancreas to overproduce it. This can lead to diabetes. Muscles and bones may also be affected. Bones can become softer, circulation in legs can decrease, and muscles may even degenerate. Likewise, back and spine problems can develop because of the disuse of certain muscles and the overstraining of others. People may develop sore shoulders or stiff necks. It is even possible for someone’s balance to permanently be thrown off because of these neck problems.


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