What To Do If You Get Injured At Work
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What to do if you get injured at work

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Despite workplace safety measures and the care of employers and employees, it is still possible for workers in Missouri to get injured on the job. In order to get proper care and for incidents to be handled according to the protocol, certain steps must be followed after being hurt in an accident.

First, Missouri’s Department of Labor states that employees must report the incident that injured them. It is highly suggested that the incident report be submitted in writing even if workers live in a state where oral reports are allowed. Since some jobs have a deadline for incident reports, workers are encouraged to submit theirs as quickly as possible. Supervisors should also file a company accident report.

Missouri’s official state website says that careful attention should also be paid to documentation during the filing period. Injured employees should keep copies of all letters and notifications they send out, including the accident report and the initial injury report. It is even suggested in some cases for the employees to keep a record of the people they have contact with during this time. This can include insurance company representatives, doctors, and supervisors.

Finally, employees should get in contact with a medical professional. In some cases, the company will select a doctor for injured employees to see. Other times, employees may be allowed to see their own doctor. In either case, it is important to give a clear report as to how the injury occurred. This will allow the doctor to prescribe treatments, which must be followed in order for the company to cover medical insurance costs.

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