Suspected Drunk Driver Sends Football Player To Hospital
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Suspected drunk driver sends football player to hospital

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At this time of year, Missouri residents are soaking up the last days of summer and preparing for the transition to autumn. For many people, this includes going back to school or even off to college. Even without kids, the weather alone brings about change. Sometimes, however, changes can arise out of very unexpected and often tragic situations, such as drunk driving accidents.

Such was the case recently along a stretch of Interstate 435 near the exit to NE Cookingham Drive when a suspected drunk driver potentially changed the life of a college-bound man forever. The woman is accused of driving her vehicle directly into the young man and sending him up in the air only to land in a ditch roughly 85 feet away from the point of impact. A police investigation is continuing and reports indicate that criminal charges may result.

The young man was scheduled to go the very next day to Central Methodist University located in Fayette, Missouri. He was to start his freshman year of college and had signed up to play football for the school. Now, however, he faces a rehabilitation period of at least six months after suffering serious injuries including a broken pelvis and hip. The future of his football career is unknown and it is also not known if he will be able to start classes this fall.

This is just one example of how an accident caused by a drunk driver can change victims’ lives in the blink of an eye. People facing these situations may wish to speak to a Kansas City auto accident lawyer for help.

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