Summer Driving Dangers
When you involved in a car accident during summer vacation, contact a Kansas City car accident attorney Stephen C. Mayer has worked with many different victims of motor vehicle accidents and he knows how to help you at these times.
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Summer driving dangers

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With summer well underway now, it is a good time to get a refresher on the dangers that face motorists in Missouri during this time of year. Families on vacation, friends out for an adventure, commercial truck drivers working hard to meet their delivery deadlines and more must all share the roads. Car accidents can happen anywhere, anytime and leave innocent victims and their friends and family members struggling with a serious injury such as spinal cord damage, brain injury or amputation.

As you prepare to hit the road this summer, make it a priority to look around and find ways to improve your safety and the safety of your passengers. notes that some type of distracted driving is involved in as many as 80 percents of accidents. Drivers under the age of 21 can be fined up to $200 for texting and driving although this is certainly not the only form of distracted driving. If you ride a motorcycle, beware of drivers attempting to share your lane. Statistics show that 80 percent of all motorcycle accidents result in at least one death.

The risk of being involved in a drunk driving accident is ever present. Such crashes are the cause of roughly 30 percent of Missouri’s traffic fatalities. In 2013, 223 people lost their lives at the hands of drunk drivers. It is therefore very important to find ways to be aware of potentially intoxicated drivers.

At Mayer and Rosenberg, P.C., our team has worked with many different victims of motor vehicle accidents and we know how to help you at these times.

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