Drunk Drag Racer Takes Life Of High School Student
As a Missouri resident when you have been in accidents caused by drunk drivers or have lost loved ones in such crashes, contact a Kansas City drunk driving accident attorney Stephen C. Mayer work to represent those injured due to drunk drivers and fights for your legal rights.
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Drunk drag racer takes life of high school student

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Missouri residents who have been in accidents caused by drunk drivers or who have lost loved ones in such crashes know the tragic realities of these situations all too well. Even when a victim survives, the medical expenses not covered by insurance can be extremely high, work time is lost and injuries can result in lifelong disabilities. Sometimes it can seem that drunk drivers do not face adequate penalties for their actions in these wrecks.

The parents of a high school sophomore from St. Clair will forever mourn the death of their son who was killed after being hit by a drunk driver last fall. The boy was waiting for a school bus one weekday morning when the accident happened. Four different cars were reportedly drag racing down Highway 30 in St. Clair. One of the vehicles veered off the road and struck the student. According to news sources, the driver of that vehicle had a blood alcohol content level of 0.18 percent, more than twice the legal limit.

That 23-year old driver is awaiting trial for manslaughter and other charges including not carrying valid insurance and not wearing a seat belt. His recent request for a change of venue was denied by a judge. Two of the other drivers also face criminal charges. The drivers of all four vehicles are the defendants in a civil suit seeking damages for the boy’s death.

Serious injuries and even death can result in a moment from an accident caused by a drunk driver. People who must suffer due to the actions of such negligent drivers deserve help. Talking to a Kansas City auto accident lawyer at these times may be beneficial.

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