Tips for safe driving on Missouri highways

Drivers on Missouri highways can stay safe by following the rules of the road and learning some simple tips.

People driving on highways in Missouri can be safer by being aware of local traffic laws. Driving on the highway involves some different precautions. Speeds are higher on these roadways, and many people crowd the lanes as they commute during times of high traffic. There are some simple steps anyone can take to reduce the likelihood of accidental injury while traveling in a vehicle.

Highway driving laws

Any cars moving slower than the speed limit must drive as close to the right curb as possible, or stay in the rightmost lane. When the road is divided into three or more lanes, the center lane is to be used only for passing, unless signs clearly state otherwise. Until making sure that it is safe to change lanes, drivers must stay in the lanes they are in. Generally, vehicles are required to stay on the right half of the road, except in cases where that side is closed to traffic.

The dangers of aggressive driving

The University of Missouri partnered with the Missouri department of transportation to provide some important advice through their DriveSafe program. They claim that in 2007, a speed-related crash resulted in the death of a person in Missouri every 35.2 minutes. Speeding, they say, is the most frequently occurring reason people end up in deadly car crashes. The chance of getting pulled over is the lightest risk anyone takes when they speed to get where they are going.

What to do when an accident happens

The following tips are meant to help people stay safe in a crash situation:

  • The first thing people should be aware of is that it is a major crime to leave the scene of an accident without exchanging information. Even if the driver of a car someone strikes is not present, he or she should leave a note with his or her information.
  • If the vehicles are immobile on the road, flares should be put out to alert approaching traffic of the presence of an accident.
  • The police should be contacted if the cars are stuck in the road and need to be moved aside.
  • If someone appears dead, or if someone is injured, it is important to call the police.
  • A driver should always check for oncoming traffic before exiting the vehicle.

To be prepared for these situations, people should always keep a pen, notepad, and road flares in their car.

Those who end up injured as a result of a car accident in Missouri may be able to get financial compensation. The cost of medical bills and the pain and suffering involved can be quite expensive. An attorney in the local area who practices personal injury law may be able to provide advice in such matters.


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