What are the health risks of COPD?

There are many different pulmonary diseases that a worker can develop if the air quality in their work environment isn’t good. Some illnesses are more detrimental than others, but a large number of them may allow the worker to file for compensation that could help them cover their medical bills or lost wages from missed time at work.

One such illness is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, otherwise known as COPD. This is an occupational disease that is considered particularly dangerous due to the fact that anyone in any working environment has the possibility of developing it. The American Thoracic Society states that people with COPD are reacting to bad air, which causes their lungs to produce sputum and can cause feelings of breathlessness or fatigue. Coughing may also develop, which is an attempt of the lungs to get rid of the irritants that are being breathed in.

Wheezing and even illnesses like pneumonia or bronchitis may occur if COPD is left untreated for too long. This is due to the fact that the irritant and sputum-filled lungs may become a breeding ground for bacterium that could cultivate into different diseases. Unfiltered airways can also make a person more susceptible to catching other airborne illnesses such as colds, viruses or the flu. Because of the varied second-hand dangers associated with COPD that could rack up medical bills even higher, it is usually better off treated early on.

Workers living with COPD may have to look into different medical options and treatments in order to begin breathing freely again. However, those who believe they may be suffering from COPD could also be privy to compensation for job-related illness. Though this is not legal advice, checking work policies may be beneficial to those who fall into this category.


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